Turf Rebates

desert friendly plants

MSWD encourages customers to reduce outdoor water usage by converting their lawns to desert-friendly landscaping. Through its Turf Removal Rebate Program, MSWD offers rebates of $2 per square foot for turf replacement. Residential customers can receive up to $3,000 in rebates and $10,000 for commercial customers.

Apply here with the Turf Rebate Application: English Version - Spanish Version

Need ideas on the types of plant for your desert-friendly landscape, view our plant guide here.

Turf Rebate Program Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
Applicants may apply by contacting the District to obtain an application at 760-329-6448 Ext. 121.

What will happen at my pre-conversion inspection?
At the pre-conversion inspection, an MSWD representative will confirm the address and MSWD meter number. The property owner, or designee, must be present for the pre-conversion inspection. All terms and conditions of the program will be reviewed. A Project Agreement must be executed by the property owner, and planting list approved by MSWD, prior to a Notice to Proceed being issued.

Once approved, how much time do I have to complete the conversion?
Once you are approved to do the conversion, you will have 4 months to notify MSWD that the project is completed. Extensions may be granted if significant effort is being made to complete the project. Funding for this program is limited. Projects not completed in a timely manner could miss the funding window.

What will happen at my post-conversion inspection?
After the conversion is complete, there will be a post-conversion inspection. An MSWD representative will again visit the site and inspect the work to ensure that it has been completed according to the customer’s application, MSWD’s terms and conditions, and the approved planting list. Mail all final paperwork, including the expense invoice form, to MSWD.

Why do I have to sign an agreement stating that I will keep my landscaping or pay back the rebate?
Program participants must sign a contract stating they will maintain the water-wise landscaping project to assure the water savings from the project will be sustained in perpetuity, producing a permanent community benefit. Future changes to the landscape may be made (such as replacing or moving plants,
changing mulch materials, or even undertaking a complete redesign), provided there is no addition or reintroduction of irrigated lawn or grass, spray irrigation systems, ponds, or other water features, in any portion of the converted area.

Fifty percent of the conversion area must have plant coverage. What does this mean?
The 50 percent plant coverage requirement means that you must plant enough desert plants to cover half of the conversion area once the plants are fully grown. (Go to the “MSWD Mission: Conservation-Desert Friendly Plant Guide” for information about plant sizes at watersmartplants.com/ms.)

Plants use water too. Why do I have to have living plants?
The intent of the program is to reduce water consumption and runoff by replacing water-consuming turf with an attractive desert landscape.

What are the irrigation system requirements? 
There are three irrigation requirements that conversion areas must include: a Smart Irrigation Controller, a lowflow irrigation system, and a pressure regulator and filter. Program participants must install a low-flow irrigation system in the conversion area, and the conversion area must be on a separate irrigation valve from any
remaining turf. To prevent damage to a low-flow irrigation system, participants must also install a pressure regulator and filter, which can be purchased at a local home supply store.

I’m replacing my grass with synthetic turf. Do I qualify?
Synthetic turf cannot be included in the project area and does not qualify. 

I’m pulling out my grass and putting down a patio. Do I qualify?
Replacing turf with hardscape cannot be included in the project area and does not qualify.

I already removed my grass. Can I get a rebate now?
MSWD will not provide rebates for any work completed before a customer receives the “Notice to Proceed” letter.”