New Water Meter Service Installation Process

MSWD provides water service to customers located within the City of Desert Hot Springs, N. Palm Springs and Whitewater. Please visit our PUBLIC VIEWER to confirm your property is within the MSWD Service Boundary. 

Below are the steps to follow for requesting new water service for your parcel.

Flow Check

Step 1: If a fire flow test has not been performed for your parcel, or was performed more than SIX MONTHS ago, please complete this Fire Flow Test Request and submit it with payment. The fire flow test can take up to two weeks from the date the request is received. The fire flow test results should be forwarded to your residential fire sprinkler designer for use in your fire sprinkler design.

fire sprinkler

Step 2: Submit a copy of the hydraulic calculations (stamped APPROVED by the Fire Marshal) prepared for your parcel by your residential fire sprinkler designer. After review, MSWD will confirm the water meter sizes required to meet the water capacity needs for your parcels. Following we will prepare and forward the fees and applications required to establish service.

In addition to providing the hydraulic calculations, you must provide a copy of the grant deed and any supporting documentation from the County of Riverside or the City of Desert Hot Springs, stating the assigned parcel address and type of residence (SFR, MFR, etc.). Once the requested documentation is received, Staff will prepare and forward the fees and applications required to establish service within two weeks of receipt.

Submit Applications

Step 3: Submit your completed applications with the fees for MSWD processing and meter installation. Meter Installation can take up to two weeks from the date payment and applications are received. 


All documents can be submitted in person or through email using engineering [at]