2023 Conservation and Groundwater Protection Calendar

MSWD Conservation and Groundwater Protection Calendar

Last fall, MSWD invited local school-aged children to participate a Calendar Drawing Contest. We asked students to submit original artwork based on one of six groundwater protection or water conservation themes, which included:  

  1. Saving WATER
  2. Proper disposal of fats, oils, grease (FOG)
  3. Water-wise car washing
  4. Drinking water quality
  5. Not flushing wipes
  6. Desert-friendly landscaping

And the results were amazing! To download a copy of the calendar, click on the PDF icon at the bottom of the page or email* your name and address to pr [at] mswd.org, and we will mail a calendar to you at no charge. 

Each month a different student's artwork is featured, along with helpful information about how you can conserve and protect our water supply.

*Please note supplies are limited. 


Joseph V. – Jan.

Edward S.  – Nov.

Jacqueline M. - Dec

Mirna T. – May

Keila E. – Mar.

Savannah C. - June

Arely G. – July

Christian H. - April

Kayla H. – Feb.

Bryson L. – Aug.

Madison R. – Sept.

Joziah D. – Oct.