Capital Improvement Projects

MSWD Bill Board - Building For The Future - Coming Soon Regional Wastewater Plant

MSWD's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) plans for and builds major capital facilities in our service area to continue to serve our customers' water and sewer needs now and into the future. Following are several projects currently under development. 


Capital Improvement Projects
Project Name Project Status More Information
Regional Water Reclamation Facility  Construction Web Link
Regional Conveyance Line Design Factsheet .pdf
Regional Collection System for Sub Area M2-1  Design  Factsheet .pdf
Supplemental Environmental Project: Sewer Connection Planning Web Link
Vista Reservoir No. 2 Rehabilitation Design Factsheet.pdf
Backup Generators for Well Sites On Hold Factsheet .pdf
Alan L. Horton Wastewater Treatment Plant Tertiary Effluent Filters  Model Development Factsheet .pdf
Water/Wastewater Master Plan Update Plan Preparation Factsheet .pdf
New Administration Building  Design Factsheet .pdf
Well 42 Construction Project  Construction  Factsheet .pdf
North Building Facility Improvements Design Factsheet .pdf
Well 24 Rehabilitation  Construction Factsheet .pdf
Well 22 Rehabilitation Design Factsheet .pdf
AMI Meter Project Complete  Web Link 
1 MW Solar Plant: Flipping the Switch on Efficiency   Complete  Web Link