MSWD Senior Administration




The Engineering Department manages the design and construction of large projects, such as new pipelines and reservoirs.

Contact: Eric Weck, Engineering Manager, Engineering [at], (760) 329-6448 Ext 146 


The Finance Department prepares the District’s annual budget, processes all payments for water and sewer services, and pays vendor invoices. They assist departments with vendor management, soliciting, and reviewing bids. They also work with independent auditors that go through the District’s books and accounts once a year to ensure the District is in compliance with State and Federal Accounting guidelines.

Contact: Arturo Ceja, Director of Finance, AccountingTeam [at], (760) 329-6448, ext. 134

Human Resources

Human Resources handles all recruitment and hiring for the District, as well as managing the employee classification and compensation, health benefits and risk management.

Contact: Oriana Hoffert, Human Resources Manager, (760)329-6448, Ext. 135

Innovation & Technology

Information Systems maintains the district computer network and is responsible for all the district’s computer and software-related needs.

Contact: Innovation and Technology Manager, (760) 329-6448


The Operations Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Domestic Water and Sanitation systems, as well as the District’s water quality. This includes all construction and maintenance, production, collection, and treatment.

Contact: Danny Friend, Director of Operations, Operations [at], (760) 329-6448, Ext. 149

Programs and Public Affairs

The Programs and Public Affairs Department is responsible for public outreach, news/media inquiries, education, and management of the district’s conservation programs.

Contact: Marion Champion, Program and Public Affairs Manager, PR [at], 760-329-6448, Ext 145

Customer Service

The Customer Service Department includes many of the divisions most closely linked to our customers, including Customer Billing and Field Service Staff.

Contact: April Scott, Customer Service Manager, frontoffice [at] (760) 329-6448, ext 120