Smart Controller Rebate

Smart Controllers

Take Charge With Smart Irrigation Controllers Upgrade your irrigation system with a weather-based smart irrigation controller featuring rain shut-off capability.

Reimbursement Amounts:
Single-family Home: Up to $150 for the device; Up to $100 for professional installation. Commercial or HOA: Up to $5,000 (MSWD reimburses 100% of the first $2,500 spent and 75% of
remaining costs up to $5,000); Up to $750 for professional installation. 

Weather-based Irrigation Controllers

Eligible weather-based irrigation controllers use weather data (cellular, WiFi or sensor) and have rain shut-off capability. The application lists controllers that meet this requirement. Other manufacturers may have controllers that meet these requirements. If you are considering purchasing a unit not listed below, please call our office prior to purchasing to verify eligibility.

Application: English 

Follow These Steps: 

  • Purchase a weather-based smart irrigation controller with rain shut-off capability
  • Get a receipt and install the device or hire a professional with a business license to install
  • Get an invoice from the installer (invoice must have typed business information)
  • Email, drop off, or mail the completed application, receipt/invoice, and W-9
  • You can expect your check-in 2-4 weeks after final approval