Election Process

What division do you live in? Check out our current division maps using our interactive map tool, or view a PDF of the division map

On June 24, 2020, MSWD adopted Ordinance No. 2020-2, establishing the election of members of the Board of Directors by five divisions, establishing the boundaries and identification number of each division, and establishing the election order of each division. The Adoption of the Ordinance was the final step in the transition to by-division elections as per the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) process. Map option 2 with five divisions was approved by the MSWD Board of Directors and the County Registrar of Voters.

2022 Adopted Map

Division 1: Amber Duff, Term Expires 2026

Division 2: Robert Griffith, Term Expires 2024

Division 3: Russ Martin, Term Expires 2024

Division 4: Ivan Sewell, Term Expires 2024

Division 5: Ted Mayrhofen, Term Expires 2026


2022 Redistricting

Every ten years, agencies with by-district election systems must use new census data to review and, if needed, redraw electoral division lines to reflect how local populations have changed. This process, called redistricting, ensures all divisions comply with both the California and federal Voting Rights Acts. After receiving testimony and comments from the Board and the community, in early 2022, the District adjusted its division boundaries per the CVRA process and adopted proposed Map Option 2.