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Water Quality

MSWD is proud to serve some of the best-tasting drinking water in the world, drawn from the Mission Creek Subbasin aquifer. The District is committed to serving pure, clean water and to responsible stewardship of that water, guided by its mission statement, “To Provide, Preserve and Protect our most valuable resource – water.”

Water Quality Report

Water Quality Reports

MSWD complies with regulations that require the annual publication of a Consumer Confidence Report on water quality. It provides source water analysis, performance on water quality standards and other information regarding the quality of your water supply. The Water Quality Report, sent to customers each year by July 1, is also available for download (English | Spanish).

Water quality is tested rigorously throughout the year, and both testing and quality must adhere to strict regulations and guidelines set forth by the Riverside County Public Health Department, who is in turn regulated by the State Public Health Department and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You can feel confident that your tap water meets the highest standards. In fact, tap water is much more highly regulated than is bottled water.

Hot Water

The many spa resorts in Desert Hot Springs draw their natural hot mineral waters from their own wells in the Desert Hot Springs Subbasin aquifer. The water in this aquifer seeps down through fissures deep into the earth, where it is heated and rises back up through those fissures as superheated steam, warming the water held in the hot water aquifer. MSWD is often asked for maps of the hot water zone and so we have supplied them here. Please note that these maps are 20 to 30 years old, so spas listed on them may no longer exist and exact boundaries and temperature readings may no longer be accurate. At this time, MSWD does not draw or test water from the hot water aquifer and does no mapping of the hot water zone. These existing maps are provided for information requests only.