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MSWD 2.0 Financial Master Plan - FAQ

Questions and Answers about the Citizens Advisory Committee

  • What is the Citizens Advisory Committee All About?
    Because of the important issues being evaluated through the MSWD 2.0 Financial Master Plan process, the District believes that citizen input is a key to its success. Therefore, the District is forming the Citizens Advisory Committee to provide input to the Board of Directors as it moves through the Financial Master Plan decision-making process. Specifically the goals and tasks of the Committee are:
    • Attain a deeper level of understanding about the financial challenges of the District and the District as a whole.
    • Review progress to-date in addressing these challenges.
    • Review the Financial Master Plan as it is underway and assist in refining the program by providing input to the Board and staff about the proposed solutions.
    • Help the District identify how best to explain the challenges facing the District, progress to-date and proposed long-term solutions to the general public.
    • Suggest or provide feedback on outreach methods, messages, audiences, and how best to obtain input from the community.
  • How Will The Committee Work? What are the Details?
  • How Was the Committee be Selected?
  • How Can I Nominate Myself or Someone Else?
  • When do Nominations Close?
  • How Can I get more information?