Ask us how to pay your Mission Springs Bill with CASH at 7-Eleven
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Now you can pay your bill at a 7-Eleven store in your own neighborhood.
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New Accounts

December 6, 2014: The Board has approved ordinance No. 2014-3, repealing sections 6.02.01, 6.02.02 and 6.02.03 related to tenant accounts. This change discontinues the practice of processing tenant applications for water service and moves the responsibility of putting the tenant’s name on the water bill to the owner. The district will send out a notice to property owners and tenants of the changes, how to proceed with implementation, and timeline for implementation.

Where To Apply

Apply Online:
Click here to complete our application form online.

Apply at the Administrative Office at:

66575 Second Street
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

When To Apply

During lobby hours:

  • Monday - Thursday:
    · 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Friday:
    · 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Saturday - Sunday:
    · Closed

What You Will Need

  • Property Owners
    · Must provide proof of ownership.
  • Property Renters
    · Bring a copy of your rental agreement.
  • Government issued photo ID such as:
    · driver’s license
    · passport
    · military ID

Account Deposit

Residential and commercial customers with good credit and payment history with MSWD may not be required to pay a deposit. Customers without payment history with the District are required to pay a deposit of $82 for water service. All water and/or sewer deposits accrue interest at the rate set by law. If acceptable payment history is maintained, deposits will be refunded after one year of service, including interest. A deposit is required from all tenants when applying for service and are payable by check or cash only.

Costs Of Service

MSWD customers can readily control their water bill by controlling their consumption. You can find cost details on the cost of water service page and how to read your water bill.

Sewer charges are based on residential, multifamily or business category. Find details on the cost of sewer service.

For both water and sewer service, the monthly fixed charge will apply to all accounts, whether the meter service is active or not. Why? Once connected to the water or sewer system, capacity to service your property must be permanently available. Ongoing maintenance and costs associated with that capacity must be recovered rather than spread to other active rate payers.