MSWD is governed by a five-member Board of Directors. Directors are elected concurrent with the general elections every even-numbered year. Director’s terms are four-years. The election of directors alternates between three seats and two seats, respectively, every two years.

All Directors are appointed to serve on two of five Board committees (finance, engineering, public affairs, human relations and executive committee). Members also serve as liaisons to other governmental, community, regional and national boards, associations and organizations.

Feel free to email questions you have about Board meetings or Board issues to
The Board of Directors meets on the third Monday of each month and the Thursday prior to that Monday for study session. Meetings begin at 3 p.m.

Workshops are scheduled for the first Tuesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. as needed.

Meetings and Study Sessions are held at the District Administration Building, 66575 Second Street, Desert Hot Springs. For easier access, please use the First Street entrance and parking lot.

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Scheduled Meeting
Projected/Usual Meeting Date

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

12/2019 Regular Meeting 0.1MB N/A N/A
11/2019 AD18 Public Hearing 0.1MB 0.2MB N/A
11/2019 Regular Meeting 0.1MB 9.3MB N/A
10/2019 Regular Meeting 0.1MB 20.0MB 4.0MB
09/2019 Regular Meeting 0.1MB 4.5MB 2.8MB
09/04/19 Special Meeting Workshop 0.4MB N/A 0.7MB
08/2019 Regular Board 0.1MB 6.1MB 4.5MB
08/2019 Notice of Cancellation 0.0MB N/A N/A
07/2019 Regular Meeting 0.1MB 48.1MB 3.2MB
07/15/19 AddendumRegular Meeting 0.0MB N/A N/A
06/24/19 Special Meeting Workshop 0.5MB N/A 0.1MB
06/2019 Regular Meeting 0.1MB 6.4MB 0.4MB
06/12/19 Special Meeting 0.1MB N/A 0.1MB
05/29/19 Special BOD Executive Com Meeting 0.0MB N/A N/A
05/2019 Emergency Meeting 0.2MB N/A 0.1MB
05/2019 Regular Meeting 0.1MB 3.6MB 3.6MB
05/20/19 AddendumRegular Meeting 0.0MB N/A N/A
04/2019 MSWD Improvement Corp Annual Meeting 0.1MB N/A 0.5MB
04/15/19 Addendum Regular Meeting 0.0MB N/A N/A
04/2019 Regular Meeting 0.1MB 3.8MB 3.5MB
04/2019 HR Com Meeting 0.1MB N/A N/A
03/2019 Regular Meeting 0.1MB 4.9MB 3.4MB
02/2019 Regular Meeting 0.1MB 3.3MB 3.1MB
01/2019 Regular Meeting 0.1MB 236.8MB 4.5MB

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