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Seven Time Medal Winner - The Best Tasting Municipal Water in the World!

Each February, samples are carefully drawn and sent to the International Water Tasting Competition in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. There the water stands up to international competitors on attributes of appearance, odor, flavor, mouthfeel, aftertaste, and overall impression.

MSWD is the only water agency in the world to have won all three medals - gold, silver and bronze. MSWD won the Gold Medal in 2004 and 1999, the Silver Medal in 2011, 2008, 2001 and 1997, and the Bronze Medal in 2003.

Further, MSWD was honored by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) in 2010 for having won more medals than any other municipal water purveyor in the world. Out of the 14 years MSWD has competed, it has medaled an unprecedented seven times.

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Here's What We've Won So Far
Award Year
Silver Medal 2011
Silver Medal 2008
Gold Medal 2004
Bronze Medal 2003
Silver Medal 2001
Gold Medal 1999
Silver Medal 1997

Serving the finest quality municipal water since 1953.

So how do we get our water to Berkeley Springs anyway?

Come along as we prepare our entry...

First, we buy two gallons of bottled water at the grocery store and pull off the labels. Contest rules specify a particular type of bottle.

Since many plastic bottles can leave an undesired taste residue in the water, just before we draw the sample, the bottle is emptied and then vigorously rinsed with our own water three times. We then carefully fill the bottles from our “lucky” well (we’ve used the same well every time we've won), being careful not to touch the rim of the water bottle to anything.

Two-gallon containers from grocery store
Two-gallon containers from grocery store
Two-gallon containers from grocery store
Rinse container vigorously three times
Two-gallon containers from grocery store
Filling up from our "lucky" well
The water must undergo various tests, including testing for the PH and chlorine balance levels.
Two-gallon containers from grocery store
Testing for PH
Two-gallon containers from grocery store
Testing for Chlorine
Lastly, we clearly label our entry, pack it snugly and ship the water overnight to Berkeley Springs. We draw the water sample as close to the date of the competition as possible in order to preserve its natural, delicious taste.

We are proud of our award-winning water and are guided by our mission to provide, protect and preserve our most valuable resource - water!

Entries clearly labled and shipped off to Berkeley Springs Water Competition

Additional Awards

Award Year
Collection Person of the year – Lee Boyer 2006
Plant Operator of the Year - Chris Jacobson, Grade II Operator 2007
Plant of the year award <5.0 MGD 2008
Collection System of the year <249 miles 2008
Operator of the year - Lee Boyer 2001

Mission Springs Water District has also been recognized with Employer Appreciation Awards by

Award Year
Tri-State Seminar 2009