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MSWD At A Glance

Service Area: 135 sq. miles
Population: Approximately 36,000
Water Source: Mission Creek sub-basin:  9
Garnet sub-basin:  1
Cabazon sub-basin:  4
Active Wells (total): 14
Average Annual Water Production: 9,000 acre feet
Water Connections: Approximately 13,000
Sewer Connections (units): Approximately 7,200
Reservoirs (individual tanks): 24
Reservoir Sites: 20
Total Reservoir Capacity: 22.417 mg
Booster Pumps: 24
Booster Stations: 10
Water Lines: 276 mi
Sewer Lines: 89 mi
Fire Hydrants: 1,746
Pressure Zones: 10

sq mi = square miles
af = acre feet (325,829 gallons)
mg = million gallons
mi = miles

MSWD Service Areaa

The District provides water and sewer service to an area of 135 square miles, as shown here. Water service and fire flow protection are provided through three distribution systems, across 12 pressure zones.