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How does MSWD protect our water supply?

MSWD At Your Service

Our mission is to provide, protect, and preserve our most valuable resource - water. We are proud to serve our award-winning water to our customers in Desert Hot Springs, California and surrounding areas.


MSWD employees operate with the highest degree of integrity.
We are honest and hold ourselves to consistent moral principles.


MSWD employees take ownership of our decisions and accept responsibility for our actions.
We are accountable to the public we serve.


MSWD employees conduct themselves with professionalism.
Professionalism describes the standards of conduct, performance, knowledge and skill necessary to perform our specific role within the organization.


We respect all people on the basis of their human worth.
In order to earn respect we must first give respect.


Stewardship embodies the ethical behavior of accepting responsibility and management of a resource - water.
We operate the District as a public trust as stewards of this precious resource.